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About us


1S2 is designed as a service company specializing in management systems according to various national and international standards, in this specialty, 1S2 wants to be an agent of progress, spreading the culture of quality, environmental care and involvement with community between the business and institutional through their activities.

1S2 offers an extensive catalog services for different standards, where virtually all businesses need to reach good practice accepted by the market, which effectively and efficiently respond to issues relevant to their competitiveness.



  • Successful implementation of management systems according to accepted standards of national and international, with participation open to all interested parties.
  • Guidance for certification of products, services and giving companies the same competitive value differential that helps to promote trade and international cooperation.
  • Guide to managing customer satisfaction and active participation of our staff, with total quality criteria, in order to obtain results that ensure competitive development.
  • Promote the dissemination of a culture that relates to the quality and the preservation of our environment and support to identify us as who strives for excellence. Ensure rigor, relevance, impartiality and technical competence of our services.



1S2 is a private entity through the development of technical standards and their application, helping to improve the quality and competitiveness of companies, products and services, helping organizations to generate the most valued today: trust, confidence, respect , economic savings and respect for the environment.

1S2 1S2 is a company that offers all types of services on the rules that tell you how to be a product and how to run a service that is safe and responsive to what the consumer expected. 1S2 offers its customers one of the most comprehensive catalogs of services that help to create solutions tailored effective, efficient and economic.